Lake Hamilton Fire & Rescue Department

Second Row Left to Right:  Roger Lishbrook, Jonathon Lishbrook, Nathan Andersen

Front Row Left to Right:  Bruce Cozart, Jim Samuelson, Wayne H. Roberts, Steve Manning, Teresa Andersen, Dwayne Pratt

The Lake Hamilton Fire & Rescue Department received a grant from the West Central Arkansas Planning & Development District.  This grant will enable the department to buy five complete sets of turnout gear for their firefighters.  Turnout gear includes helmet, helmet front, carbon hood, gloves, turnout jacket, turnout pants, and boots.

The grant was presented to Board President Wayne H. Roberts by State Representative Bruce Cozart and Executive Director Dwayne Pratt. The check was for $12,125.00.

The Fire Department will continue to pursue other avenues for grants to furnish their firefighters with the proper gear and update their equipment.   

Fire Department Receives Grant