Lake Hamilton Fire & Rescue Department


Who We Are



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Our History


The story goes that the Lake Hamilton Fire department was started under a shade tree with one army surplus tanker truck.


The department went into operation with an old tanker truck, 95 members and 15 firemen on call.  The Lake Hamilton Fire Department was first established February 10, 1959.  After much hard work, many volunteer hours, donated land and labor; the first station was completed in April, 1962.  This station was located on Burchwood Bay Road.  (Station #1--present address of 117 Burchwood Bay Road).  Three men were responsible for the initial push to organize the fire department.  Fay Gnau, who was the first Chief and served until his death in July 1989, Carl Gross & Frank Sluppick.  The department was incorporated July 3, 1980.  This department was the first volunteer firefighting association in Garland County and considered by many as one of the finest in the state.  

The year of 1979 found the Lake Hamilton Fire Departmen purchasing a tract of land near what is known as Jack Mountain Road and Highway 290 in order to build another station.  This became known as Station #2.  Faster service could be provided to members with this additional fire station.  Station #3 located at 129 Albright Road and Station #4 located at 4098 Highway 290 came into being with lease agreements being made with individuals.  In 1990 the community of Diamondhead offered the use of building facilities to house fire equipment, with the department in turn providing fire protection for them.  At this time Station #5 came into existence.

The department continues a concentrated training program for our firefighters and continues to try and better the department with additional equipment for the sake of the community and the safety of the firefighters.  

The Lake Hamilton Fire and Rescue Department continues to be one of the larger volunteer fire deparments in the State of Arkansas and continues to serve the area in a great way.  Without these dedicated volunteers, our community would be without fire protection.

We appreciate all the members of the Lake Hamilton Fire & Rescue Department that continue to send in their dues on a regular basis.  You are what makes this department work.  Without your support and generosity, there would not be a Lake Hamilton Fire & Rescue Department.     


Many faces, One purpose.

We are a diverse group of volunteer firefighters who believe in protecting our community to the best of our ability.  No matter the time of day or night, no matter what the weather, we strive to be there for our community when duty calls.